Types of Braces

inovation-rIn-Ovation R

In-Ovation "R" is a revolutionary new system of braces that is not only faster for your orthodontist to use, it also can shorten treatment time. The smaller size of the brace and smooth curves provides greater comfort and improved appearance. A metal clip holds the orthodontic wire in place. We use metal bands on the molars.

inovation-cIn-Ovation C

In-Ovation "C" is a clear self-ligating bracket, which allows more control during treatment than more traditional brackets. The difference is that they are smaller in size and more efficient because they have a built-in clip that holds the orthodontic wires in place without the need for wire or elastic ties. This allows for greater overall attractiveness and increased comfort. We use metal bands on the molars.

Wire are used to move the teeth. The starting wires are extremely flexible and gentle, and are made from a nickle titanium alloy. Stainless steel wires are used after the initial straightening phase.