Kids Club

We have created our Club Brace Kids Club to prepare you for your future orthodontic journey. It is recommended that children start as early as 7 years to come into our office in order to evaluate growth and start preventitive measures to ensure a healthy mouth. Even though you may not quite be ready for orthodontic treatment, you are still part of our orthodontic family. By being a member of "Club Brace" at every visit to our office you have the opportunity to earn tokens for cool prizes! You can win tokens for each of the following:

Arriving on time to your appointment 1 Token
Excellent Oral Hygiene (no plaque) 1 Token
Wearing your Elassal t-shirt to your appointment 4 Tokens
Allowing Dr. Elassal to remove a loose baby tooth while you're at your appointment 5 Tokens
Getting all A's and B's on your report card (Must bring card in and show it) 5 Tokens
Refer a friend for a FREE exam 10 Tokens
Write a story about what you like about our office and let us post it on our facebook page 5 Tokens
Participate in our current contest (you can find details of the contest by visiting our facebook page, Elassal Orthodontics or check out the "Patient Contest" section of our website). 1 Token
Bring documentation from your dentist that you had your teeth cleaned and are cavity free 5 Tokens

25 Tokens = $10.00 ITunes card

25 Tokens = 1 movie ticket to Warren Theatre

30 Tokens = $20.00 Elevation Trampoline Park

50 Tokens = $25.00 Game Stop Gift Card

50 Tokens = $25.00 Vintage Game Stock Gift Card

150 Tokens = iPad mini



If we forget to give you your token(s) please remind us, we will not be able to give you one at your next appointment.

Tokens cannot be transferred to other patients

Repair/Emergency appointments do not apply, tokens are only awarded at regularly scheduled appointments

Tokens must be redeemed when you go into full orthodontic treatment